Machine Learning Engineer

  • Employment type: Full-time

  • Location: Oulu

  • Application period: Until 29.2.2024

Interested in becoming a founding member of a young research team?

Biila is a fast-growing technology company specialising in vehicle logistics. We have revolutionised the auto transportation industry in Finland by offering car deliveries through a platform, and are currently expanding abroad.

Our platform is used by hundreds of car dealerships, service shops and rental companies to request car relocations all around Finland. The relocations are carried out by a fleet of thousands of drivers, who use the platform to find gigs whenever they feel like earning money, want to get from A to B, or just enjoy driving.

Moving cars around the country is logistically a massive task. For example, given a set of drives from A to B, and a set of available drivers in specific locations, how do we assign the best matching driver for each drive? Since the drivers want to get back home after a drive, they have to rely on public transportation to move between gigs. This is just one example of many that we encounter in our business.

Biila has recently started a research team called Biila Labs, which is responsible for solving these problems using machine learning and advanced optimization methods.

Biila is a pretty chill company with flexible hours and relaxed working culture. We love what we do, but don’t take things too seriously. As a small company, we like to solve problems together regardless of positions or cool job titles.

We are looking for new nerds to join our research team. You have the rare opportunity to become one of the founding members of the team, which means that you can definitely get your voice heard and you can certainly see your products in the real world. We want to build the team and solve problems together as teammates and friends, rather than building hierarchies. This also means that you will be given a lot of responsibility as soon as you feel like you are ready to handle it, but everything will be done together. Growing along with our young team gives you a huge opportunity to become a foundational part of Biila, and a highly-valued expert.

We are looking for individuals, who love solving complex puzzles, pondering different approaches together in front of a whiteboard, and do not shy away from sometimes quite theoretical research.

Your responsibilities

  • Your primary focus will be on designing and building machine learning systems. This involves creating algorithms, experimenting with models, and deploying machine learning solutions into production environments

  • Understanding the data we have, and figuring which models would solve a given problem with the data

  • General problem solving together with the team. This can include brainstorming solutions to various optimization and machine learning problems

We expect you to have

  • Genuine interest in problem solving and machine learning

  • Ability to work both independently and together as a team

  • Strong programming skills, specifically Python

  • Deep understanding of machine learning algorithms and principles

  • Completed or nearly completed Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in CSE or similar

  • Proficiency in using machine learning libraries and frameworks such as PyTorch, scikit-learn, or XGBoost

We count it as a benefit, if you have

  • Knowledge and experience on running machine learning algorithms in production environments, including the preparation, deployment and monitoring

  • Knowledge and experience with tools and services, such as AWS Lambda, AWS SageMaker, or MLflow

  • Knowledge of, or interest in mathematical optimization, using approaches like metaheuristics and linear programming

How to apply?

You can send a free-form application to the email address below. Please include the at least following:

  • Which position you are applying for
  • A free-form cover letter, where you tell a bit about yourself
  • References to your previous work (thesis, Github, etc.)
  • Transcript of Records, if recently graduated, or currently studying
  • Curriculum Vitae

Research Director, AI

Miika Sikala