We are hiring developers in Sweden


We are growing bigger

Biila is all about helping people and companies with transporting cars smoothly. Drive reservations are made by partners and picked by freelance drivers that get paid for their job. Everything happens on our platforms and our API. The demand is growing all the time, and Biila is becoming the standard of transporting cars in Finland (other countries are coming later).

That's why we need more developers to our team, so we can keep up with the growing demand!

The core dev team is in Borlänge, Sweden

That's why we want the new developers to join in Borlänge, so all the communication can be smooth as butter. We communicate mostly in English though.

Front-end, back-end or maybe full-stack

We are looking for web developers, both front-end and back-end. If you have experience in one of them, or both, you could soon be part of our team.

What type of persons are we looking for?

In our experience, the right mindset and an interest in computers combined with a thirst to create, can get you a long way. Maybe you have some hobby coding experience, or maybe you already have work experience. If you feel genuinely interested, you might be the one we are looking for.

Experience in any of these?

  • HTML/CSS (we use Tailwind)

  • PHP/MySQL or other back-end languages (we use Laravel)

  • Front-end, like Vue, React (we use Angular)

What you will be doing

Mostly, you will be working together with your team mates and create features for our web platform. The process goes all the way from ideation and brainstorming to coding and in the end implementing the features to our platform. It will be fun they said.

Apply by sending an email

You are welcome to send an email to ismo.karhu@biila.io with your resume together with a description of who you are and why you are interested.

The positions are open now, so don't be afraid to shoot an email right away!


Ismo Karhu